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Grammar Schools - Complete Cross-Party Consensus - No Purchase Necessary
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Grammar Schools - Complete Cross-Party Consensus
The Tories have thrown in their lot with The Liberals and Labour in explicitly opposing  grammar schools. It's not as though Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher or John Major actually did anything about re-introducing them. The famous circular 10/65 and Crosland's intemperate remark "I'm going to destroy every fucking grammar school in England" date back to 1965. This is ancient history: not only were all children at school now not born then, but there can hardly be a parent of a child about to go into secondary school that was alive at this time.
Abolishing abolish these pesky schools that still exist, and still supply a large proportion of all the state school students who go to Oxbridge.

Of course these kinds of announcements are not really about policy but about the search for Cameron's very own 'Clause 4 moment'. Presumably the voters who defected to Labour aren't very fussy about Grammar schools.

Two-brains' magic bullet seems to be CTC's, oddly-enough the very same magic bullet that Tony picked, but can't actually deliver. It seems to me that the Scandinavian experience has shown that the solution is to take away the monopoly supply position of LEAs with respect to free schools. It is quite clear that consumers value enormously the education provided private schools.  In fact some parents value choice so much that they will make huge financial sacrifices to obtain it. Is it that offering true free choice of this type will remove schools from political control forever?

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